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Class of 1968
Yesterday Was My Day; Today ----- Yours
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My son, shed tears over a dead man, and intone the lament to show your own deep grief; bury his body with due ceremonial, and do not neglect to honor his grave. Weep bitterly, wail most fervently; observe the mourning the dead man deserves, one day, or two, to avoid comment, and then be comforted in your sorrow; for grief can lead to death, a grief-stricken heart undermines your strength. Let grief end with the funeral; a life of grief oppresses the mind. Do not abandon your heart to grief, drive it away, bear your own end in mind. Do not forget, there is no going back; you cannot help the dead, and you will harm yourself. Remember my doom, since it will be yours too; yesterday was my day, today is yours. Once the dead man is laid to rest, let his memory rest too, do not fret for him, once his spirit departs.

Ecclesiasticus 38:16 - 24

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