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Class of 1968
Sister Marella
Brother James
Joyce Walsh
Bill Behring
Phoning Downstairs?
Rockin' the Night Away - Karen and Gene
Dave Reichenberger, Gerry Meisinger, Jerry Tiritilli
Varsity Cheerleaders
Pete Donner, Paul Kraemer, Rev. Tom Mayefske
Dennis Esslinger, Jack Rosenthal, Don Pfeiffer, Russ Reff, Jim Krueger
Rich Knoblock, Bob Schmitt, Glen 'Red' Kemp
Latin, anyone?
Crest Editors Mary Beth Pupeter, JoAnne Morris
Optimists of the Month
Randy Krug, Charles Morrill, James Mirkes
Sister M. Ann Francis, Karen Wahlgren
Ron Manthei, Bob Sendele, Greg Spanbauer, Larry Kolb, Mike Skoglind, Tony Ebersberger, Bob Schmitt
Rev. Rich Getchel
Key to good lookin' guys Awesome Lookin' Ladies

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