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Class of 1968
Fr Tom Mayefske

Posted by: Fr. Tom Mayefske
Date & Time (Central Time): Friday, August 25, 2000 10:21 PM
Email Address:

Places I have Worked & Traveled to: While at Lourdes I worked at ST. John's on weekends and at UWO in Breeze Hall and the NEwman Center doing all their retreat work with the students. In '69 I got my degree in Guidance and Counseling from UW-OShkosh.

Fr Tom MayefskeI was then transferred to St. Joseph Academy (no longer exists) in GB. The next summer I hitchhicked through 19 countries of Europe for 3 months. Fabulous time!! In '71 I became pastor of Spruce, Klondike, added Pound in '72 and Coleman in '73. In '75 I went to St. Therese in Appleton and in '76 back to a merged parish of Coleman/Pound until '83. (We built a new church in Coleman in '82.) In '83 I went to Notre Dame to work in Campus Ministry and to work on my MA in Liturgy.

Our new Bishop (Maida) called me home in '85 to take over the Office of Worship for GB. In '86 I went back for my comps at ND. In '87 I went to Chicago to get a degree as a liturgical design consultant. In '89 I became the pastor of St. Matthew, GB. In '94 the Archdiocese of Santa Fe asked Bishop Banks if I could come out to be director of the Office of Worship and of Christian Initiation. The Bishop agreed to allow this since my brother and my sister and 5 of my nieces and nephews lived in Albuquerque where the offices for the Archdiocese are located. In '98 I added Administrator of St. Anne PArish in ABQ's South Valley. In '00 I asked the archbishop if I could leave the OW/CI and do full time parish work again. I am now pastor of a 900 family parish with 330 children in our K-8 Catholic School.

My favorite activity is still skiing. Some of you may remember my first outing at Wausau as a "chaperone" who had never skied before. Since that time I have skiied most of the resort of Colorado, Utah, Norhtern CA, New Mexico (Yes we do have some BOLD hills here) and even Banff, Canida. I am a proud member of the "Vatican Ski Team", a name a bunch of GB priests coined about 30 years ago.

Another of my interests is travel. I always look forward to making connections with those I haven't seen in a while. Because of my jobs I have been at conventions in many places. I have made the 48 contiguous states. Only Alaska and Hawaii have eluded me, but I keep suggesting these for another convention.

Wish I couild make the reunion, but will be at a convention in Orange, CA (near LA).

Future Plans: Currently the age for priestly retirement is 70. Since I am now in my 65th year, I look forward to that. Hope to travel and see my many friends throughout the world.

Are you attending the 50th BD Bash? No -- Wish I couild make the reunion, but will be at a convention in Orange, CA (near LA).

Great reading about the class. Brings back many happy memories.

UPDATE: As of 6/29/2007 my address is:

	Fr. Tom Mayefske
 	1017 Florida SE
	Albuquerque, NM 87108.

Home phone is 505-255-0879. I would love to hear from ALL of you . Please email me at

Response to Westend Pizza Get Together: Good that you are keeping up the information and plans. Of course, I can't make it to the 20th. Have a few things going on here in the parish at this time of the year. I also can't make the live chat night. I will be in Port LaVaca, TX, for the Southwest Liturgical Conference Study Days from the 17th through the 20th of January. I will be losing my executive board position at the election that will be held then. In stead I am going onto the national board of the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions and we will be meeting from January 21st through the 26th. I know that being on the Gulf Coast and then Palm Springs at the end of January is hard to take, but somebody has to sacrifice! It might as well be me.

Greetings to everyone, especially the gang who made it to the gathering at Brett's place.

Have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday time. Hope we can get together in the New Year. My ski trip is still on for February 4-11. Join us!

f. Tom


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